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Obituary – Gary Brace

Education: Gary Brace Obituary educator, internationalist, recently retired Vice-Chair of the UK National Commission for UNESCO and advocate for the right of every child to have the best education possible. Gary Brace who has died suddenly aged 65 was a passionate and widely respected educator with national and international influence. In his most recent role as Vice-Chair and Non Executive Director for Education of the UK National Commission for UNESCO (UKNC) he engaged UK educators in actions to support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals which, for education, are focused on every child in every country receiving the best education possible. Professor Sarah Younie from

Resources for Educational Projects Dealing with the Psycho Social Aspects of COVID 19

This is a selection of resources reviewed by the VSO Task Group on Psycho Social Skills and Emotional Learning Focus on Stress and Trauma Helping Children Cope with Stress My Hero is You A simple and direct poster with useful non technical advice for practitioners, teachers and parents. May be outdated in places as lock-down is not universal.. A story book that deals with children’s fears about this virus and what they can do to feel safe and have a connection with their world while they feel isolated. It also deals with people dying from the virus and why quarantine and lock-downs have been put

Resources for the Psycho Social Support of Staff During Covid 19 and Other Emergencies

These resources were compiled by the VSO Task Group on Psycho Social Skills and Emotional Learning as a response to the COVID 19 emergency to support staff and key workers. Coronavirus Disease (Covid-19) Outbreak: Rights, Roles And Responsibilities Of Health Workers, Including Key Considerations For Occupational Safety And Health Briefing note on addressing mental health and psychosocial aspects of COVID-19 Outbreak  Version 1.0 IASC Guidelines for mental health and psycho-social support in emergency settings Psychological First Aid for Field Workers During an Emergency Health workers are at the front line of any outbreak response and as such are exposed to hazards that put them at

Positive Behaviour Support for Adults and Children with Challenging Behaviour

This is a evidence informed resource collated for the VSO Task group on Psycho Social Skills and Emotional Learning.. This focuses on positive behaviour support (PBS)for those whose behaviour we find challenging. “The overall aim of Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) is to improve the quality of a person’s life and that of the people around them. This includes children, young people adults as well as older people.” . PBS is a values based approach based on human rights and inclusion, working in partnership with the person and their family to eliminate unnecessary restrictions.. It uses a range of methods to find out what a person’s

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