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COVID-19 SUPPORT: MESH International Advisory Council reports and meetings

The MESH International Advisory Council ( is continuing to meet weekly during the coronavirus crisis to share knowledge about  supporting learning during school closures in the different UN regions.   We are publishing reviews of evidence and our recommendations for managing crises for schooling now and in the future: see references below. MESH Member organisations are conducting surveys of teachers’ experiences and recommendations, on use and access to technology and other related issues. In time, survey findings will be published on the MESHGuides site and in professional journals. References to Advisory Board papers: Blamires, M. (April 2020) COVID-19 SUPPORT: Psycho Social Skills, Signs and Gestures to

COVID-19 SUPPORT: Psycho Social Skills, Signs and Gestures to Support Learners

During the current period of lock down much learning is continuing on line. Here is a collection of activities and games that can facilitate the development of psycho social emotional skills. They were developed from the Labour Government social emotional behavioural strategies under open government license and then adapted for a psycho-social emotional skills project supported by UNICEF and VSO for Education in Emergencies in Ethiopia by a pan African collective of volunteers who became known as the Hyena Squadron The evidence is clear that education in emergencies needs to focus on psycho-social emotional skills which can be taught. We now have an emergency across

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