Germs: Health Education/Science for early years

Link: Germs: Health Education/Science for early years

Author: Dr Katie Laird and Professor Sarah Younie

Affiliation: De Montfort University

Date Created: 10/7/2017

Date Reviewed: 10/7/2020

Validated by: Chief Editor - MESH

This is a simple yet powerful summary of knowledge teachers need to minimise bacterial and virus transmission in their classrooms. The Germs resource with games is intended to be used on with pre-readers on an interactive whiteboard.

This kind of resource from a subject content expert can then be developed to include the latest research information from microbiologists for those studying at higher levels. For example, Dr Laird’s research on transmission of bacteria through washing clothes at low temperature has implications for all individuals, households and health workers and will be the subject of a MESHGuide for older learners.

The lack of basic education as in this guide, affects lives negatively. One of the MESH team engaged in early research and development work giving access to the internet to semi-literate members of rural communities in a developing country was told by one participant that a major outcome of the project for them was the knowledge that dirt carried disease.