MESH is an initiative of the Education Futures Collaboration (EFC) charity which was  initially set up in 2012 by educators from 5 countries and international professional associations.

As with professional associations and journal publishing,  MESH is managed by educators who volunteer to perform different roles. Funds are used for software, hosting, engagement activities and editorial work.

To mobilise knowledge in different countries a participatory methodology is being used supported by the MESHConnect online groups  linking academics and practitioners across countries working on issues of mutual concern.

As well as the Founder Members and Trustees making up the International Board, the day to day work is undertaken by the Executive Board with Editorial Boards leading on specialist areas. There are hundreds of educators involved as volunteers: authors and those they consult, professional associations, research institutes.

MESH Executive Board (replacing the Steering Group developing the prototypes which operated to 2018)

The MESH Executive Board meet in a virtual meeting every week to review and plan progress.

  • Central administration and QA -, Prof. Marilyn Leask DMU and Winchester Universities, UK and Professor Sarah Younie, co-chairs Ed. Futures Collaboration
  • Charity matters and finance – Dr Sarah Jones, University of Hull, UK
  • Communications – Jon Audain, University of Winchester, UK
  • FE engagement – Jane Hanson
  • MESHConnect schools engagement Robin Street, UCL Academy and Jonnie Noakes, Tony Little Research Centre, Eton College, UK.
  • Research data – Dr Richard Procter and Professor Younie, De Montfort University, UK
  • Web development – Richard Procter, Mike Blamires, RIDDLE, previously director of the UKTeacher Training Resource Bank, and Prof. Marilyn Leask


There are many many authors and, supporting individual MESHGuides, there are editorial boards. Please scan the A-Z authors for the list of individual authors.

EFC Charity Trustees

Jonnie Noakes, Sarah Jones, Sarah Younie, Mike Blamires, Richard Procter, Marilyn Leask.