Link: Dyslexia

Author: Professor Angela Fawcett, Liz Horobin, Dr Kate Saunders|

Affiliation: British Dyslexia Association

Date Created: 10 June 2016

Date Reviewed: 10 June 2019

Validated by: Ann Underwood and Richard Procter

Clinical Teaching in Education

Link: Clinical Teaching in Education

Author: L. Mclean Davies, J. Kriewaldt, S. Rice, C. Reid, N. Dulfer, T. Angelico, C. Redman, D. Acquaro

Affiliation: University of Melbourne, Australia

Date Created: 20/04/16

Date Reviewed: 20/04/16

Validated by: Chief editors April 2016

Teaching English as an additional language

Link: Teaching English as an additional language

Author: Dr Naomi Flynn, Chris Pim and Sarah Coles with colleagues from schools in Hampshire, UK

Affiliation: previously University of Winchester now Reading University UK, Hampshire local authority EMTAS team

Date Created: 01092015

Date Reviewed: 01092018

Validated by: English Editorial Board

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Acoustic accessibility

Link: Acoustic accessibility

Author: Roger Turner, Ann Underwood, Stuart Whyte, Joy Rosenberg

Affiliation: BATOD Foundation

Date Created: 01052015

Date Reviewed: 01052018

Validated by: Marilyn Leask

Spelling: Teaching Spelling in English

Link: Spelling - teaching and learning spelling in English

Author: Professor Colin Harrison and Professor Greg Brooks

Affiliation: University of Nottingham, University of Sheffield

Date Created: 18/9/2013

Date Reviewed: 17/9/2016

Validated by: English Editorial Board