Q. Who is responsible for MESH?
A. MESH is one project of the Education Futures Collaboration – a group of universities and educational organisations committed to improving the quality of teaching through sharing knowledge. A steering group takes responsibility for operations on a daily basis – see the Ed Futures tab on this website.

Q. I have research which I think would make a MESH Guide. What do I do?
A. Email your proposed title and the evidence base for the guide outlined in one paragraph to . Your proposal will be considered by an editorial board.

Q. Are MESH Guides only available in English?

A. MESH Guides will be published in the author’s own language and validated by an in-country MESH team in collaboration with the relevant subject or strand specialist board. The title and a summary of the advice will be published in English. Over time, it is anticipated that Guides will be translated where there is demand and resource to support this.

Q. I want to join a research group in my specialist area – how do I find one?
A. You may find people with similar interests to you through the online communities site or you might find a community interested in your topic area by searching on the same site. You are invited to put out a call for partners if you wish to create a new group. Remember many professional associations will have Special Interest Groups and you may wish to contact these groups first.

Q. Can anyone join an online community on
A. Online communities might be open or closed – search for communities relevant to you and then click on the ‘join’ button. If the community is a public community you will be able to access all of the information on the community. If it is a closed community, you will need to wait until the community facilitator contacts you. In case of difficulties email

Q. Can anyone create an online community on
A. Any staff members from member organisations can create communities by following instructions create a group link which is found in several places. Staff from other organisations should enquire by emailing

Please send your questions to and if these are relevant to the wider education community we will post the answers in this FAQ section.