Get involved: vacancies

MESH is run by educators who volunteer and give what time they can on top of their day jobs. MESH is an initiative of the Education Futures Collaboration Charity.

Nominations: Where there are substantial research-based websites focusing on pedagogical themes then we will consider referencing these. If educational reserachers avoided unnecessary duplication we would have a much stronger evidence base to underpin practice so please help in the sharing of knowledge and the focusing of resources to avoid duplication.


If you are interested in being involved on a voluntary basis then please  email We need volunteers who can take responsibility for specific areas of knowledge or undertake administration and web development activities. Vacancies include:

  • Reviews and Reading Group leaders
  • Subject leaders and authors
  • Editorial Board leaders, deputies and assistants: we encourage leadership by professional associations because of the extent and depth of the collectively knowledge of members
  • Fund raising
  • Events management eg subject knowledge mobilisation events
  • Communications
  • Web development

Wikipedia shows the power of harnessing the goodwill of professionals to work collectively to share and update knowledge, as do the European SchoolNet ( and medicine’s Cochrane Collaboration ( These initiatives, surviving over 20 years, demonstrate a sustainable if precarious business model for sites providing a public service.

Costs have to be covered. Our business model is similar to the EUN, Wikipedia and Cochrane in that core funding costs for the infrastructure and core staffing are shared between interested parties with additional projects being funded through small grants from many sources. A wide network of committed individuals then plays a central role in content development and quality assurance.

We welcome partnerships on specific projects. Please contact