Scientists, Teachers and Teacher Educators Work Together to Combat the Spread of Infection

At the same time that the Coronavirus outbreak had just begun in China, the Society for Applied Microbiology was publishing an article called ‘A Germ’s Journey’ documenting how scientists , teachers and teacher educators worked together, sharing their knowledge freely world wide, to create a MESHguide knowledge map/research summary ( for teachers - to promote personal hygiene and cleanliness and stressing the importance of careful handwashing.

My day


Going to hospital

Visual timetable

Explore transportation

Explore Animals

Explore Instruments

Music and Movement

Emojis: Learner-Led Assessment, A New Pedagogical Tool?

This Article is based on funded research undertaken with learners during 2020-21 at Kendal College of Further Education,16 plus learners, and South Lakes Community Learning Centre, with adult learners. Funding was awarded by the Education and Training Foundation (ETF), (the charity and expert body for professional development and standards in Further Education (FE) and Training in England) which itself is funded by the Department for Education (DFE). 


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