Scientists, Teachers and Teacher Educators Work Together to Combat the Spread of Infection

At the same time that the Coronavirus outbreak had just begun in China, the Society for Applied Microbiology was publishing an article called ‘A Germ’s Journey’ documenting how scientists , teachers and teacher educators worked together, sharing their knowledge freely world wide, to create a MESHguide knowledge map/research summary ( for teachers - to promote personal hygiene and cleanliness and stressing the importance of careful handwashing.

Bone conducting 2

Bone Conduction Aids

Hear Glue Ear

Hear Glue Ear

Hear Glue Ear


MirandaMods (DrewBuddy) As the years progressed, MirandaNet Fellows knitted together several different technologies so that members in a physical room could debate with members who were unable to travel. The generic term, ‘unconference’ is one in which the input of all the participants has equal weight. This contrasts with a conventional conference with nominated speakers who take questions at the end of their talk.

Braided Learning

Braided Learning (Preston) MirandaNet Fellows have adopted a metaphor to describe the theory underlying this collaborative knowledge creation that they call Braided Learning the notion of plaiting ideas together. Some of their research focuses on the ways in which community leaders can identify the stages in the life cycle of an online discussion and also to encourage all the participants to contribute online by giving them different roles in the development of ideas.


Communal Constructivism

Communal Constructivism (Leask and Younie)

Liminal thinking

Liminal thinking (Cuthell) is a term for informal dynamic knowledge creation in collaborative digital contexts which occurs as participants move from textual communication to blogging, web creation, online video conferencing and other such collaborative environments. Interactive and collaborative technology can be seen as creating a liminal space – a passage through which a person moves from one state of being to another.


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