Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) in Children: Guide

Campbell, N., Grant, P., Moore, D,R. and Rosen, S. | View as single page | Feedback/Impact

Evidence-based assessment

An evidence-based multi- or interdisciplinary approach is needed, given the overlap between APD and other developmental disorders/delays.

Audiological assessment for APD should not be done in isolation given that aspects such as language, attention and memory can affect test results.

There are different multi- and interdisciplinary models that can be considered.  For example, it is possible for the audiologist to request that a speech and language assessment and educational psychology assessment be done prior to referral for an APD assessment and that any other professional reports, alongside a school report be sent ahead of an APD assessment.  Another approach is to have an interdisciplinary team all working together under one roof.  This has the advantage that an integrated report can be written (identifying primary versus secondary concerns) with a cohesive management plan.  Again professional reports from outside and a school report are reviewed ahead of the appointment.