Improving learning environments

  • Classroom Audio Distribution (Sound Field) Case Study - 2016

    Manchester Communication Academy (MCA)

    This case study and video provides evidence of how a new secondary school in Manchester that has some very large teaching spaces (4-5 classes per space), has been able to overcome the problems of excessive noise and poor levels of speech intelligibility, through the installation of classroom audio distribution systems.

    The Lightspeed Redcat Access and Flexcat systems have significantly improved the learning environment for both teachers and students, especially those with hearing impairment, SEN conditions and EAL challenges.

  • Managing Noise / Sound Advice articles by Stuart Whyte (see Interventions)

  • Acoustic Treatment in the rooms we have by Shane Cryer (PowerPoint)

  • BB93 sound simulations

  • Essex Study A YouTube presentation Simon Smith of Sweyne Park School gives his experience of teaching in the classrooms treated as part of the Essex Study, but also explains the importance of a good acoustic environment when teaching. "You can hear who's talking, you can deal with with a quiet word". Pupils Grace Gillmore and Eleanor
  • The Essex study - sound treatment in rooms A balloon is burst in four classrooms with varying degrees of acoustic treatment - the sound quality in each room is clearly related to the treatment!