Numeracy for all (VSO)

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UK National Centre for Excellence in the teaching of Mathematics

National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics (NCETM)


The Centre is funded by the UK education ministry the UK Department for Education (DfE).

  • to raise levels of achievement in maths, and to increase appreciation of the power and wonder of maths, across the school, sixth form college and further education system.
  • to ensure that all teachers of maths - primary and non-specialist maths teachers - have easy access to high quality, evidence-based, maths-specific continuing professional development (CPD) at every point of their careers.

Examples of publications include:

  •      Summary page on teaching for mastery (regularly updated)
  •     The Essence of Maths Teaching for Mastery (June 2016)
  •     Progress report on teaching for mastery in primary schools (July 2019)
  •     Teaching for Mastery: Supporting Research, Evidence and Argument (December 2017)
  •     Calculation Guidance for Primary Schools
  •     Primary Marking Guidance (April 2016)
  •     Secondary Marking Guidance (October 2016)
  •     Primary Assessment Materials (March 2015)
  •     Secondary Assessment Materials (December 2017)
  •     Guidance on Mathematics Textbook Design (January 2015).

If you know of other major resource centres please let us know so we can add the reference.