Numeracy for all (VSO)

Marilyn Leask, Emma Goto, Mary Watkins, Richard Procter | View as single page | Feedback/Impact

Number and place value: videos (making and using resources)

Examples of the MESH/VSO Numeracy for All videos for this topic are listed below. To play the video, click this  link to the MESHGuides YouTube playlist. If you subscribe to the playlist  you will receive alerts as more videos become available.


1A Number and place value


1B Making place value teaching resources


1AB.1 Place value cards: using and making


1AB.2 Place value fan: using and making


1AB.3 The abacus: using and making


1AB.4 Place value blocks: using and making


1C Counting


1D Number bonds and sequencing


1E Number misconceptions: using counting sticks to1000


1F Misconceptions: counting and number


1G Number lines for +,-, fractions, decimal fractions, negative numbers


1H Assessing learning with ‘show me’ number fans


1I Sequences and patterns 


1J Pattern recognition: using the 100 square