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Gender sensitive pedagogy

Dr N. Trakulphadetkrai from the University of Reading, UK leads an international team researching the learning of mathematics through stories. 

  He suggests in using mathematics resources you consider the representation of females. In the use of stories to teach maths he suggests you consider: 
“1. To what extent does the visibility of female characters differ from that of their male counterparts in:

1.1) the book titles;

1.2) the gender of characters shown on front cover;

1.3) the amount of dialogue given to characters; and

1.4) the number of characters with dialogue.”

The link here is to his presentation on the gender imbalance in stories examined in his research which includes elements of mathematics

The research of Professor Claudie Solar from Montreal University on gender sensitive pedagogies will be referenced here shortly.

This builds on her earlier framework for gender sensitive pedagogy in this article:

Solar, C. An inclusive pedagogy in mathematics education. Educ Stud Math 28, 311–333 (1995).