British Sign Language (BSL): Guide

Dani Sive (Headteacher Frank Barnes School) and Catherine Drew (Key Stage 1/2 Team Leader Frank Barnes School) | View as single page | Feedback/Impact

BSL Media

BSL Zone

The British Sign Language Broadcasting Trust (BSLBT) commissions television programmes made in British Sign Language by deaf people for Ddeaf people.

BSLBT was set up in 2008, with Ofcom's approval, to offer an alternative way for commercial broadcasters to meet their regulatory requirements to provide sign language on their qualifying channels.

BSL Zone aims to reach every BSL user with various BSL contents and has a variety of programmes on offer ranging from documentaries to a weekly programme series.  They have a selection of programmes for a wide audience: children; comedy; drama; sports and more.



See Hear is a ‘magazine’ for the Deaf community highlighting the latest issues.  Programmes are all in BSL or with In-Vision signer, voiced-over in English and subtitled.  SeeHear has a weekly programme that is suitable for adults and children.


ITV Signed Stories

ITV Signed Stories is an App where bestselling children’s stories performed in British Sign Language.  Children’s stories range from classic fairy-tales, folktales, modern picture books, songs and nursery rhymes.  Parents/carers can increase your child's vocabulary with the BSL dictionary provided and enhance learning with two interactive language games.  ITV Signed Stories can be customised by turning on/off: sign language, subtitles and narration.  You can download the Signed Stories App from the App store.