Natural Aural Approach: Guide

Sue Lewis, Alison Holmans and Cate Statham | View as single page | Feedback/Impact

Audiological Support

Children say what they hear so an essential element of the Natural Aural Approach is that hearing loss is identified early, this is the rationale for the Newborn hearing screening and children have good access to:

 Audiology Services, Audiological Testing, the correct amplification that maximises their ability to use their residual hearing, and consistent wearing of hearing aids or cochlear implants for all their waking hours. 


An Educational Audiologist is an important part of the team, working closely with the Teacher of the Deaf, and the Audiologists.

The National Deaf Children’s Society has information on hearing aids and cochlear implants.

Radio Aids are useful to improve the listening environment for hearing aid and cochlear implant wearers, overcoming the challenge of distance and background noise. 

 With progression through school the child will take more responsibility for understanding and managing their personal equipment and audiological needs and influencing adaptations and changes independently.