Reading in Primary Schools: Guide

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Reading in Primary schools

Reading is a complex cognitive skill that involves the extraction of meaning from printed or written text. It changes lives. Its transforming power is seen in promoting health and well-being. It builds creativity and imaginative skills. It promotes empathy and understanding. It makes a significant contribution to pupil attainment and closing the gap, especially for disadvantaged learners. It allows access to the whole curriculum and learning in Primary schools and remains one of life’s joys.

This MESHGuide is written to support teachers, literacy co-ordinators, SENCOs and Headteachers. It is also a valuable go-to resource for teacher educators and students on initial teacher training courses. It provides readers with short, easy to read summaries of independent evidence on approaches to teaching reading in Primary schools, the importance of language and pre-reading skills, the value of communities of readers along with illustrative case studies and resources to promote literacy and reading throughout your school.