Music to promote early language

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Listening in the womb

Listening starts in the womb.

Studies have shown that listening starts as early as 16 weeks gestation when the baby responds to its mother's voice (Shahidullah & Hepper, 1992). At 24 weeks gestation the bones of the middle ear are fully formed and a baby's heart rate increases, and movements change, in response to music (Fridman, 2000). At 30 weeks a baby hears the rhythm and intonation of speech and can access some vowel sounds in the womb (Crystal, 2010). Babies have increased sucking rates for a poem that has been read to them numerous times before birth, compared to an unfamiliar poem (De Casper & Fifer, 1980).

This web page provides a summary about when babies hear in the womb.

In this video Dr. Ibrahim Baltagi talks about the importance of music before birth.




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