Music to promote early language

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Early intervention resource developed by Advanced Bionics using music to stimulate early speech and listening skills. You can download the App from iTunes or Google Play. DIY musical instruments and the BabyBeats Notes can be accessed by creating a free account in the HearingSuccess portal.

This video explains more about the Baby Beats App and the different sections to help a baby to bond, play and learn.


This parent guide provides information about the BabyBeats early intervention resource and provides step by step information for the 4 musical trails with advice and useful tips.

  • Movement and Music
  • Exploring Instruments
  • Animal Sounds
  • Transportation

Babybeats NOTES is a way of recording the listening and communication progress that your child makes as you experience the BabyBeats Musical Trails together.

The videos on this link show the different sections of BabyBeats being used in individual and group sessions.


In this video a parent shares her experience of using BabyBeats with her child.