Using Tablets effectively to enhance learning in schools

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Using tablets effectively to enhance learning in schools

This MESH Guide is based on Kevin Burden, K., Hopkins, P., Dr Male, Dr. T., Martin, Dr. S., Christine Trala, C. 2012. iPad Scotland Evaluation. University of Hull. Available at: [Accessed 13th Dec 2014]

The iPad Scotland Evaluation is a case study of mobile technology adoption in eight individual educational locations in Scotland (3 primary schools, 5 secondary schools) that differ significantly in terms of demographics, infrastructure, the approach taken by the Local Authority and readiness to implement the use of tablet technology for learning and teaching .

In addition to iPad teacher champions and parents from each school, 365 students ranging in age from P3 (7-8yo) to S2 (13-14yo) and equipped with iPads were involved in the study.

A mixed methods approach collected both quantitative and qualitative data from students, teachers and parents. Methods included:

  • a baseline survey for students (n = 261) and teachers (n= ) and parents (n= 138);
  • an exit survey for students (n = 262) and parents (n = 86);
  • interviews with lead teachers and focus groups with students in each school;
  • collection and analysis of data produced by students on the iPad, including students logs maintained by a representative selection of students in each school.

The study took place between March and October 2012 and the mobile technology used was the Apple iPad1.