Using Tablets effectively to enhance learning in schools

Dr Kevin Burden and Dr Sarah Younie | View as a single page |

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  • Large scale case study conducted over six months (Jan-July 2012) in 8 schools across Scotland (3 primaries and 5 secondaries)
  • Sample included 365 students varying in age from P3 to S2, iPad teacher champions in each school and parents from each school
  • A mixed methods approach collecting both quantitative and qualitative data from students, teachers and parents. Methods included:
    • a baseline survey for students (n =) teachers (n= ) and parents (n=)
    • an exit survey for students (n = ) and parents (n = )
    • interviews with lead teachers and focus groups with students in each school
    • collection and analysis of data produced by students on the iPad, including students logs maintained by a representative selection of students in each school