Pedagogy in Further Education and Vocational Teacher Education

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Example 2 from research - Mevorach and Ezer (2010)

Mevorach and Ezer (2010) carried out a study of TEds’ perceptions of Teacher Education practices. This included eight different teacher education colleges in Israel, and an analysis of 75 questionnaires. A set of four models was constructed from literature, one of which was the ‘moral agent professional model’. This involved:

  • nurturing a virtuous person involved in the community;
  • contributing to the community;
  • increasing social involvement in the educational field;
  • being able to establish a good relationship with the field and the school;
  • becoming familiar with the role of the teacher in the community (ibid: 437)

Teacher educators surveyed did not consider they had arrived at this model, but did indicate from their responses that ‘they aspire to the moral-agent professional model, perceiving a discrepancy between what exists and what is desired.’ (ibid: 442)