Pedagogy in Further Education and Vocational Teacher Education

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Example 3 from research (FES) – Crawley (2014)

Crawley’s (2014) research gathered discussion points and responses on TEds’ professional situation, activity and values from over 250 FES teacher educators through focus groups and an online questionnaire, itself completed by 161 respondents. A theoretical framework was constructed from reviews of research to analyse the responses. The framework had 12 themes, and the ‘moral role’ of teacher educators was one (Crawley, 2014, p.124). Over the several research phases this theme was equal second in the list of frequency with which the different themes were raised, indicating a high level of value being placed upon this aspect of pedagogy.

As with Mevorach and Ezer (2010) above however, there was little expectation among respondents of support in achieving this role.