Pedagogy in Further Education and Vocational Teacher Education

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Example 10 from research (FES) Crawley (2014)

Crawley’s research included focus groups, an online questionnaire, and an evaluation of a CPD programme for teacher educators, and engaged over 250 participants. The conceptual framework which was developed to support analysis of the results included a number of key issues which had emerged from research including

  • - the teacher educator as a professional:
  • - the pedagogy of teacher education;
  • - multiplicity and diversity of role
  • - professional development of support

When analysing the participant contributions using this framework, the theme of participation in learning communities emerged as the equal second most mentioned area, and one to which the participants gave considerable value.

The issue of working and learning as a community was a part of a process of feeling connected with each other, and building connections with their trainees, which the next section addresses more fully.