Pedagogy in Further Education and Vocational Teacher Education

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Example 12 from research (FES) – Crawley (2014)

Crawley’s (2014) research included a literature review where the connections between theory, practice and workplaces was identified as an important issue in terms of the context and practicalities of the role of teacher educator, and within the overall pedagogy of teacher education. Studies of teacher education regularly featured the importance of this type of ‘connected practice’, and ‘connecting’ teacher education.

Within the empirical work for the study, which engaged over 250 FES TEd participants, ‘connected practice’ and ‘connecting’ teacher education did emerge from the analysis of participant engagement and responses, but not as strongly as pedagogical theme 5.

The research found some awareness of the importance of connecting theory, practice and workplaces in what was termed the ‘inner circle of teaching and learning’ (i.e. when working with trainees), but less engagement in using that to enhance and develop their own professional connections and profile (described as the ‘outer circle of teaching and learning’).

As a result a recommendation was made that FES TEDs should be supported in establishing a more outward-facing professional image.