Entrepreneurship Education

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Enterprise Education

“Economics, business and enterprise education is about equipping children and young people with the knowledge, skills and understanding to help them make sense of the complex and dynamic economic, business and financial environment in which they live. It should help them leave school well-informed and well-prepared to function as consumers, employees and potential employers”. 
Source: Economics, Business and Enterprise Education June 2011, No 100086

The UK New Labour Government guidance document on Enterprise Education (Department for Children, Schools and Families, 2010) also saw entrepreneurship as a leadership activity but one that could develop useful skills and competencies that business needed even if the individual did not succeed on their individual endeavours. This was seen as building confidence, to make young people more enterprising, resourceful and flexible. Enterprise Education was seen as providing young people with high quality, interesting and useful learning experiences that would help them later on in whatever career path they eventually took.
Source: Department for Children, Schools and Families (2010)