Digital books for early years and primary school aged children

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Digital books: effective use with early years and primary school-aged children

This MESHGuide has been designed to provide evidence on effective use of digital books with early years and primary school-aged children.

The Guide is based on an extensive literature review (see Evidence column) and set out in a way to allow you, the reader, access to the areas of most immediate interest to you, providing links to some of the key publications and research where you can explore the topic in as much depth as you wish. It includes information on criteria for evaluating children’s digital books, the learning outcomes these might support, as well as guidance on using digital books in a classroom.

The guide was developed to provide practical guidance to teachers and is very much intended to serve as a community resource. If you are aware of new evidence relevant for this area or would like to update the guide in a different way, please get in touch with the author.