Cued Speech: Guide

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Effects of English Cued Speech on Speech Processing and Literacy: A single case study - Bladel, J., Rees, R., (1989) abstract

Reading and Reading-Related Skills in Children Using Cochlear Implants: Prospects for the Influence of Cued Speech - Bouton, S., Bertoncini, J., Serniclaes, W., Cole, P., (2011) abstract 

An Alternate Route for Preparing Deaf Children for BiBi Programs: The Home Language as LI and Cued Speech for Conveying Traditionally Spoken Languages - LaSasso, C. J., Metzger, M. A., (1998)  abstract 

An examination of Cued Speech as a tool for language, literacy, and bilingualism for children who are deaf or hard of hearing - Reynolds, S. E. (2007)  full text 

In addition, an informal report into the use of Cued Speech at a special school:  Can Late and Limited Exposure to Cued Speech Impact the English Skills of Signing Deaf Pupils? By Laura Gratton  read full text