Radio aids – optimising listening opportunities: Guide

Gill Weston, Pauline Cobbold, Cate Statham and Helen Maiden with contributions by James Mander, Gary Webster and Brian Copsey | View as single page | Feedback/Impact

Choosing a system

There are a variety of Radio Aid systems available.  It is a good idea to discuss the choice with your Teacher of the Deaf or Educational Audiologist as there are a number of considerations.

  1. Some systems are incompatible with some hearing aids.
  2. Some systems are not compatible with other systems and this can lead to complications for your child at school.
  3. Systems have different features that make them more or less suitable.
  4. The technology is improving all the time so it is advisable to check the latest models.
  5. The  different manufacturers have websites which give the relevant information.
  6. Have a practical demonstration of the system.

Manufacturer websites

Oticon Amigo  

Comfort Audio

Connevans Genie

Phonak Roger 

NDCS loan products

NDCS 'Borrow to buy' test drive for Phonak products

To connect your hearing device to a radio aid, you may need a lead, a connecting shoe, neckloop or a streamer to attach or connect to the receiver.   Your visiting professional or manufacturer will be able to advise on the most suitable for your CYP.

The NDCS created some comparison charts to compare the different types of radio aids, and what choice of components are available.  Produced in 2015 there are some systems that are not included.  NDCS radio aid combination chart and NDCS radio aid comparison table