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The UK DoH states that domestically washed healthcare uniforms should be washed at 60 ºC for 10 minutes this is based on two literature searches and a study conducted at University College London.

“A wash for 10 minutes at 60ºC removes almost all micro-organisms. Washing with detergent at lower temperatures – down to 30ºC – eliminates MRSA and most other micro-organisms.”

(DoH, 2010)


The advice in this MESHGuide is based on research from many disciplines together with the professional judgement of the members of the Editorial Board who are educators with experience in many countries and settings. References are given to support readers who want to understand the knowledge base more deeply.

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Evidence on the positive impact and effects of digital books is only emerging. We have endeavoured to list within the relevant text references which you will find most helpful when considering this MESHGuide.

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Forms of Evidence

Forms of Evidence:

CONF   -

Conference Proceedings: A conference may involve peer reviewed academic papers or might be for invited professionals and/or academics.

SURV    -     

Survey: This may be a review of documents and data from a number of sources as well as interview or questionnaire data.


The report of the inspection of individual or a number of services or institutions based informed by inspection criteria.

EXPOP  -     

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