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10 Principles of Natural Auralism

10 principles of Natural Auralism

●  Audiology

●  Earmoulds

●  Communication

●  Talking

●  Language Input

●  Music and singing

●  Working together

●  Wearing amplification

●  Listening environment

●  Deaf friendly strategies

Audiological Support

Children say what they hear so an essential element of the Natural Aural Approach is that hearing loss is identified early, this is the rationale for the Newborn hearing screening and children have good access to:

Natural Aural Approach and Atypical Children

Sometimes people feel that because deaf children come from backgrounds where other languages are spoken at home or where parents themselves may have specific needs then a Natural Aural Approach may not be appropriate to use.  This is not the case.  For children growing up in a multi- or bilingual home or where the first language is not English, then the natural language or languages used within a Natural Aural Approach will be that of the home – Polish, Mandarin, Punjabi, Hindi, Welsh etc.  Parents are encouraged to use the language of the home so that the child has access to conversation w

Natural Aural Approach Articles

Natural Aural Approach Articles

Deaf Adults and Young People

Tilak Ratnanather  a member of DELTA who was awarded the Presidential Award for Excellence in Science by President Obama.  

Janine Roebuck a deaf opera singer.

Jody Ounsley - England Sevens rugby player. 

Supporting the Curriculum

The development of literacy skills across curriculum and higher level thinking skills is most easily assimilated when actively participating and engaging in dialogue with an age appropriate peer group.  Such skills include, comparing, predicting, justifying and dealing with abstract concepts and are essential if the child is to meet his/her educational potential.


Supporting Reading within a Natural Aural Approach Sue Lewis

Working With Professionals

A Teacher of the Deaf is there to support the family following the identification of a baby or child’s hearing loss.

Natural Aural Approach and Schools

Basic tenets and challenges  for families and children using a Natural Aural Approach in schools.

Parent and Teacher perceptions.  

The Importance of Early Language

The Importance of Early Language


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