Education is about enhancing learning, and neuroscience is about understanding the mental processes involved in learning. This common ground suggests a future in which educational practice can be transformed by science, just as medical practice was transformed by science about a century ago.”

(Opening lines of the Royal Society 2011 report “Neuroscience: Implications for education and lifelong learning”, p.1)

Source of evidence

This MESH Guide is based on a synthesis of the research listed below undertaken by Dr Howard Jones and tested with education colleagues.

This particular MESH Guide is an extract from Howard- Jones, P. (2013) in Capel, S., Leask, M. and Turner, T. (2013 6th edition). Learning to Teach in the Secondary School- a companion to school experience. Abingdon. Routledge/Taylor-Francis.

Neuroscience and Neuromyths for teachers

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Neuroscience and Neuromyths for teachers


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