Research Design

Online Communities

Getting involved in online communities can be a powerful way of helping you to enhance your practice by sharing your evaluations of approaches or resources that you have trialled with your class. Below are some links to online communities:

Education Endowment Foundation: Research Learning Communities

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Areas for further research

Getting teachers involved in research within their own schools provides exciting opportunities for enhancing practice in education. Creating online communities can facilitate the sharing of findings from these small-scale research projects. The next step is to develop a research approach that has the potential to draw together findings from small-scale studies to enable these to be made generalisable across a range of different educational contexts.

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Conceptual Framework

Conceptual Framework

Case Study: Deciding on appropriate research methods – KS4 Music Example

Case Study: Deciding on appropriate research methods – KS4 Music Example

Research questions

Possible research methods and tools

Why choose these research tools?

What are the benefits and limitations of the two main types of composition software (sequencers and notation programs) for Key Stage 4 pupils?

Research Methods: Developing your research design

Selecting your sample

The sample is the set of individuals you focus on in your research. The data you collect from your sample then needs to be considered in relation to the rest of the target population with regard to how representative your findings are of that population. The target population describes individuals in a particular set of related contexts e.g. primary schools or a group of individuals linked by a common characteristic e.g. early years practitioners.

Probability sampling

Deciding on the type of data you will need to collect

Your beliefs in relation to the methodology on which your research is based should ultimately inform the logic behind the decision-making process in your choice of research methods.


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