The research base for educational practice is patchy. MESH members are working to identify what is known and to support collaboration to fill in the gaps.

Examples of tools which can be used in slivers of time to generate research-based knowledge

In common with many education sector professional associations and journal editorial boards, MESH is managed by volunteers committed to public service and to sharing professional knowledge for the benefit of all educators and learners. Teachers, lecturers, researchers in schools, universities and other organisations are invited to Get Involved in generating research based on real issues that teachers face and in scaling this up across contexts so that our evidence base for practice builds in strength.

Practitioners and researchers are invited to:

  • to use the TACTICS Framework (Tool 6.1) to test ideas from the Guides
    •  to raise student outcomes; and/or
    • to demonstrate the meeting of standards
  • to collaborate to scale up promising small scale action research (Tool 6.4)
  • to join groups to undertake meta-analyses of published research (Tool 6.3)
  • undertake mini randomised control trials to conduct in depth studies and scale these up through collaborations with others (Tool 6.2)
  • to use online education communities to network with like minded educators (Tool 6.5)

If you find other tools that provide good results within the time and resources teachers and lecturers have at their disposal please let us know.