Keeping the MESHGuides available openly to all teachers, parents, policy makers and learners is a core principle for MESH members.

MESHGuides are free at the point of use.

MESHGuides are either contributed freely by educators or  sponsored. Funding is provided by volunteers giving their time, subscribing organisations, through projects and from donors.

Costs have to be covered. Our business model is similar to the European SchoolNet, Wikipedia and Cochrane in that core funding costs for the software infrastructure and core editorial staffing are shared between interested parties with additional projects being funded through small grants from many sources. A wide network of committed individuals then plays a central role in content development and quality assurance.

We welcome partnerships on specific projects.

The Voting Members form a Board to manage MESH. They pay a small subscription to support MESH so that their student teachers and the teachers they have trained as well as teachers elsewhere can access evidence to underpin their practice. Members work collaboratively on educational development projects. Donations are of course, welcome (click the link on the Welcome page). As expert knowledge in the effective teaching of different concepts is held around the world, all educators are invited to contribute. See the Get Involved tab or email

Sponsors include Founder Members who have contributed substantially beyond the annual fee, authors who have contributed many many hours of their time and other organisations.

The Trustees wish to thank all of the Founder Members and in addition the following:

BATOD Foundation

Big Lottery, UK

Dyslexia Foundation


University of Bedfordshire, UK

University of Melbourne, Australia

University of Winchester, UK