The JET (Journal of Education for Teaching) has a  special journal edition on Translational Research published December 2015. The papers in this edition from Australia, the UK, Pakistan and Poland provide insights into what the concept means for education in different countries.

Translational Research is research bridging theory and practice and  translational research is published to be relevant to and in the language of users.

We see MESHGuides research summaries as being translational research publications written as they are for educators about the issues that they have to deal with.

The British Educational Research Association ( published guidance about Good Practice in Research Writing says a pyramid of four connected research reports should be the outputs of a research study. These four reports are:

– the news report*

– the professional report** ie the translational research publication

– an academic paper accredited by referees

– a full report of the research giving sufficient detail for replication and audit

*eg a press release or blog

**  MESHGuides research summaries are a  form of translational research publication and do not replace existing forms of publication. MESH brings together summaries linked back to journal articles and full research reports.

The figure below provides more detail on translational research. One hallmark of a professional is that there is a demonstrable evidence base to their work.

Incidentally, a Google search on translational research returns millions of entries but the concept is not widely known in education.

 translational research oct 15