Links to other websites

Links to other websites

Shortly a list of websites relevant to trainee teachers and teachers in the UK will be posted here. This is an updatable list extending the advice in  Appendix 3 in the secondary teacher training text book: ‘Learning to teach in the secondary school: a companion to school experience’ (7th edition, 2016) Routledge (Capel, Leask and Younie eds).

MESHGuides for updating your specialist subject knowledge

Keeping up to date in the subject knowledge is a major challenge from teachers who not only cover many subjects but whose backgrounds are diverse. Over coming years, experts will be invited to contribute mini video lectures and summaries of the latest research in topical areas as a MESHGuides summarising the latest thinking and publications in the area.

As a science teacher I wanted to know the science behind every invention as it became available to the general public so that I could use up to date examples of applications of theory to practice in the real world. It is said that it took 25 years for research on plate tectonics to be included in geography curricula.

Ideally to keep up-to-date just with research in specialist subject areas and pedagogy, peer reviewed research summaries of advances in every subject area translated for classroom application would be available to teachers within months of new knowledge being published. For example latest research in immunology is relevant to all biology teachers probably every country. Latest research in neuroscience and memory is probably relevant to all teachers everywhere.

Good will and a small amount of effort by the knowledge holders together with digital technologies, providing a Wikipedia type resource (like MESHGuides) designed to be accessible for teachers,  now make it possible for this new specialist subject content knowledge (which is separate to pedagogical knowledge) to be available within weeks to teachers. Video explanations are also helpful. Massolit for example is recommended by some teachers as they provide access to videos of subject specialists in the humanities talking about the latest work in various fields.

This page will be periodically updated with information on experiments in developing MESHGuides for subject specialist content knowledge. We are starting with examples from medicine, agriculture and art and design as academics in those areas have expressed a willingness to get involved. An invitation is extended to all subject specialists to get involved. Please register your interest here.

Marilyn Leask

Contact the project committee by emailing

Committee members running the pilot include: 

Professor Alice Kettle, University of Manchester, UK

Prof. Marilyn Leask, University of Bedfordshire, UK and co-chair of the Education Futures Collaboration Charity and trustee

Dr Sarah Younie, De Montfort University, Leicester, UK and co-chair of the Education Futures Collaboration Charity and trustee

Sources of videos on subject content knowledge include:

TED TalksEd TalksMASSOLIT which focuses on providing short videos from leading experts in the Humanities: English Literature, Philosophy, History and the Classics. If you have experts you would like to hear on video please email Princes Teaching Trust: The PTI provides subject knowledge updates for teachers in the UK.