This is a evidence informed resource collated for the VSO Task group on Psycho Social Skills and Emotional Learning.. This focuses on positive behaviour support (PBS)for those whose behaviour we find challenging. “The overall aim of Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) is to improve the quality of a person’s life and that of the people around them. This includes children, young people adults as well as older people.” . PBS is a values based approach based on human rights and inclusion, working in partnership with the person and their family to eliminate unnecessary restrictions.. It uses a range of methods to find out what a person’sRead More →

During the current period of lock down much learning is continuing on line. Here is a collection of activities and games that can facilitate the development of psycho social emotional skills. They were developed from the Labour Government social emotional behavioural strategies under open government license and then adapted for a psycho-social emotional skills project supported by UNICEF and VSO for Education in Emergencies in Ethiopia by a pan African collective of volunteers who became known as the Hyena Squadron The evidence is clear that education in emergencies needs to focus on psycho-social emotional skills which can be taught. We now have an emergency acrossRead More →