Resources for homeschooling parents and teachers 

Many, many online resources are available. The ones below are ones which have come to our attention and which we think are likely to be of good quality.

The links are, for the most part, to free resources to support teachers, parents and students in the coronavirus period. Where links are to paid for resources these are included where we can’t find similar open access resources.

Recommendations for resources to include are invited from educators. We are not able to quality assure all the resources referenced but we trust teachers as professionals to use their professional judgement in deciding on what resources to use. Parents may wish to check with the teachers of their children, which resources fit with the curriculum the students are following. Email with your recommendations stating your name and your role in education. For updates, follow us on Twitter (@meshguides)

Section 1: Resource list – international target audience and generic informationONLINE .

1) TEACHING ONLINE: The Open University has put on a fantastic, short course aimed at those who are now having to put teaching materials online which you can access here:

2) PLATFORMS:  UNESCO has produced a useful list of online platforms which educators can use to engage with students here: closures/solutions.




4) RADIO programmes for home schooling: have the technology to support the making of radio programmes. See their On Demand library of educational podcasts on (scroll to the bottom of the page)

5) FREE APPS (recommended – more to come):

5.1  VSO International SchoolsApp – on Android – free to download with free resources; 

5.2 Languages: Duolingo for language learning

6) FREE ONLINE COURSES (more to come)

6.1 Online English Teaching – free resources from Harvard 

Section 2: Resource list- country specific target audience


The Australian Broadcasting Corporation resources include thousands of videos and resources structured around the curriculum (which varies from state to state):


This lists key online resources subject by subject:


VoicEd Radio Podcasts -Authors online – see the on Demand podcast library (scroll to the bottom of the page) 

New Zealand 

Education Hub: – see particularly the emotional support resources 


Every day for an hour, different people read stories, 3 pm Nepal time: 


 A whats app group has been created called Partners In Education (PIE) to bring together education stakeholders with interests and expertise to deliver MESH objectives and other education solutions in Nigeria. Contact Dr Bisi. via 


United Kingdom

BBC Bitesize – daily lessons from 20 April 

Council for Subject Associations site has links to most subject resources

Literacy Difficulties (DriverYouthSupportTrust)

Mathematics: NRICH:; NCTEM:

National Association for Head Teachers (NAHT)



Sesame Street: Children’s Television Workshop, which produces Sesame Street does so vía radio in hundreds of languages. Sesame Street  has a 40 year, proven track record for pre- literacy and early numeracy (0-8 years).

Khan Academy videos:

Science simulation


Amazon has a new page with free resources for teachers: