Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) in Children: Guide

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International guidance

A number of countries around the world have APD position statements and guidance documents.

Online links to these documents are provided, where available.

American Academy of Audiology. (2010). Diagnosis, treatment and management of children and adults with central auditory processing disorder [Clinical Practice Guidelines]. CLICK HERE

American Speech-Language and Hearing Association. (2005). CLICK HERE

American Speech-Language and Hearing Association. (2018). CLICK HERE

Australian National Acoustics Laboratory (NAL, 2015). Available from NAL.

British Society of Audiology (BSA). 2011 & 2018 Position Statements and Guidance documents are available. CLICK HERE

The BSA have also published a white paper with international commentary:

Moore, D.R., Rosen, S., Bamiou, D-E, Campbell, N.G., & Sirimanna T. (2013). Evolving concepts of developmental auditory processing disorder (APD): A British Society of Audiology APD Special Interest Group ‘white paper’. Int J Audiol; 52(1): 1499-2027.

Canadian Interorganizational Steering Group for Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology. (2012).  CLICK HERE

Dutch Position Statement (2017)

De Wit, E., Neijenhuis, K., & Luinge, M.R. (2017). Dutch Position Statement Children with Listening Difficulties [Translated version of The Dutch Position Statement Kinderen met Luisterproblemen]. Utrecht: Federation of Dutch Audiological Centres.

German Society of Phoniatrics and Paediatric Audiology. (2015, 2018).

Nickisch, A., Gross, M., Schönweiler, R., Berger, R., Wiesner, T., Am Zehnhoff Dinnesen, A., & Ptok M. (2015). Auditive Verarbeitungs- und Wahrnehmungsstörungen (AVWS): Zusammenfassung und aktualisierter Überblick. HNO; 63: 434–438.

Ptok, M., Kiese-Himmel, C., & Nickisch, A. (2018). Leitlinie „Auditive Verarbeitungs- und Wahrnehmungsstörungen“: Definition. HNO; 1-7 2018

Group in Europe’s perspective.  (2017).  CLICK HERE

Ireland APD Research Group.  (2008).  CLICK HERE

New Zealand.  (2014).  CLICK HERE