Auditory Verbal Therapy: Guide

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AV Programme for families

Auditory Verbal therapy sessions are typically one hour and are attended weekly or fortnightly.  They include the primary caregivers, the child and the practitioner.  Every session is play based and highly functional in order to be integrated into your family's everyday routine.  The aim for each session is for the child to have fun whilst caregivers learn strategies to maximise their child’s language skills in everyday activities.  Sessions can be delivered face to face or via telepractice.  

In March 2020, following the social restrictions imposed due to the global pandemic, families at AVUK received therapy via telepractice. An audit of their experiences with telepractice found that approximately 80% of parents felt their child was making good progress with telepractice sessions, while 89% of therapists felt that telepractice sessions were equally or more effective than in-person sessions60. Additionally, 85% of parents opted to continue with their Auditory Verbal sessions solely via telepractice or a blend of telepractice and in-person sessions60. With appropriate technology, telepractice is a viable means of providing Auditory Verbal Therapy61.

In the UK there are  around 30 AV practitioners as of August 2023. These practitioners work within voluntary organisations such as Auditory Verbal UK, NHS CIprogrammes such as the Manchester Auditory Implant Centre, and local authorities and private practices. There are now many Teachers of the Deaf, Speech and Language Therapists and Audiologists training in AV practice in the UK and worldwide which gives a sense of growth in provision. 

Auditory Verbal UK provides a programme for families throughout the UK and overseas.  This includes a tele practice programme.

The Manchester Paediatric Hearing Implant Centre offers a series of habilitation appointments post surgery.  They offer a range of habilitation options, depending on the child’s and families individual needs.  Five of their habilitation team are Certified Auditory Verbal practitioners.

There are other ways to access Auditory Verbal therapy through some local services or through private means.  You can find a Listening and Spoken Language Specialist (LSLS) through the AG Bell Association for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing.