Auditory Verbal Therapy: Guide

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Teacher of the Deaf case studies

Rosie Gardner has been a Teacher of the Deaf for 30 years, and is based in Northern Ireland.  Rosie completed AVUK’s training package, and became a LSLS Certified Auditory Verbal Therapist. Read Rosie's story.

Estelle Gerrett has coached hundreds of parents to develop their children’s listening, talking and social skills at the Hearing House in New Zealand.  In September 2017, Estelle moved to the UK and joined the team of Auditory Verbal practitioners at Auditory Verbal UK.  Here is a Q and A that explores her journey to becoming an AVT.

Larissa McColgan is a Teacher of the Deaf, based in Ayrshire, Scotland and recently completed AVUK’s advanced course and has become a qualified Auditory Verbal Therapist.  Larissa has been a Teacher of the Deaf for 12 years. She completed a post-grad course in inclusive education and came across the deaf education service by chance.  

Now working at the Ayrshire Deaf Education Service, which supports the needs of children with a hearing loss and their families from diagnosis until school leaving age, Larissa said she decided to start training as an Auditory Verbal Therapist after joining a few online sessions with a family and their Auditory Verbal Therapist.