Auditory Verbal Therapy

Case Studies

This column provides AVUK stories and also has links to international organisations and covers AVT in general and not AVUK specifically .

Interventions for literacy

This column covers the specific activities of Auditory Verbal Therapy both in the UK and internationally.  There are links to the training programme for practitioners and resources which may be used when working with deaf children to develop listening and speaking skills.


This column provides evidence for some of the fundamental aspects of the AV approach and provides links and references to some of the key publications and research available.


This column provides an overview of the current landscape for deaf children in the UK and outlines the principles and practice of AV.


This column provides an overview of the history and background of Auditory Verbal Therapy as a therapy approach internationally and within the UK.

Auditory Verbal Therapy: Guide

Abigail Hitchins and Anita Grover | View as single page | Feedback/Impact

Online community

There are various online forums for Auditory Verbal therapists on platforms such as Facebook. The governing body of Auditory Verbal therapists is AG Bell.

There are various online forums for Teachers of the Deaf and parents of deaf children, in the UK and other parts of the world.  BATOD manages an email forum

Editor’s comments

We welcome literature and case studies that describe Auditory Verbal therapy and its effectiveness.  Please send these to  Please also add areas you would like researched.

Areas of Further Research

Research investigating the effectiveness of Auditory Verbal therapy would benefit from longitudinal, collaborative studies pooling data from children participating in AV from around the world. Spoken language outcomes are only one measure of the child’s whole development. Moreover, more holistic quality of life measures should be included to inform and support the needs of the ‘whole child’.​


The collected information and advice is intended to inform parents and professionals working with parents who wish to follow a listening and spoken language approach to communication.


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