Additional information

Glue Ear Together works with families, education and health, to provide clear, up-to-date information that promotes positive outcomes for children with glue ear.



Hearing to Succeed and Achieve is a booklet for families and early years practitioners. It explains the cause of glue ear and has top tips of how you can help and ways to improve the listening environment in a nursery or pre-school.

A leaflet about Grommets has been produced by ENT UK, the Royal College of Surgeons. [Accessed: 9 Sept. 2023]

Otitis media with effusion in under 12s.’ London (UK) [Online] [Accessed:9 Sept. 2023]

An information sheet about grommets (ear tubes) can be downloaded from Super Duper Publications

Super Duper Publications have produced a handout which explains the difference between hearing and listening.

NHS Information about Glue Ear