Practical tools to use

A Facilitator Toolkit from the NCSL gives examples of techniques and tools to facilitate adult learning. It is available at › cm-mc-fac-resource-tool

Dip into Pedler & Aspinwall’s ‘ A Concise Guide to the Learning Organization’.

TOOL. How does your organisation measure up?’ 

TOOL the Organizational Readiness to Learn activity

Also try Pearn, Roderick and Mulrooney’s book ‘Learning Organizations in Practice.

TOOL. Learning Audit

TOOL. Learning Climate Questionnaire

Whilst both books are not directly about education, the materials can be easily adapted for schools.



Pearn, M., Roderick, C. & Mulrooney, C.  (1995) Learning Organizations in Practice. London: McGraw-Hill.

Pedler ,M. & Aspinwall. K. (1998) ‘ A Concise Guide to the Learning Organization’. London:  Lemos & Crane.