Strength of evidence

This MESH guide presents a three-year Erasmus+ knowledge Alliance project with a multiple case study – some cases involving teacher students, some involving vocational students – on the implementation of a collaborative pedagogy based on video use, with the aim of deriving a possible instructional design model for teachers from the analysis of the different instantiations.

The model is based on evidence that using VSCL is effective for learning. Therefore, we used a mixed method approach of several methods of analysis, applying them to the dataset collected across cases. Experimenters (teachers leading the cases) and students have both been considered in the analysis. The results coming from the different qualitative and quantitative analysis are completely consistent with each other and show the effectiveness of VSCL to sustain learning and professional development.


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Bent.M., Velazquez-Godinez, E., & De Jong, F. (submitted). Becoming an expert teacher: assessing expertise growth in peer feedback video recordings by lexical analysis. European Journal of Teacher Educartion.

Cattaneo, A., De Jong, F., Ramos, J., Laitinen-Väänänen, S., Pedaste, M., Evi-Colombo, A., Monginho, R. M., Bent, M., Velazquez Godinez, E., & Van Steenbergen, R. (submitted). Video-based Collaborative Learning: A Pedagogical Model and Instructional Design Tool emerging from an international multiple case study. European Journal of Teacher Educartion.