Areas for futher research

The ViSuAL Knowledge Alliance has developed research in The Netherlands, Finland, Estonia, and Switzerland.

  • PhD-research is still running, and new PhD-research is started up for instance in Portugal, or submitted for instance in the Netherlands
  • Advance semantic analytics (NLP topic modeling, lexical analysis, KBDeX) on video supported collaborative dialogue, students’ (peer)feedback is going on.
  • Implementation and research on Video Supported Collaborative learning is continued by various partners

ViSuAL Knowledge Alliance community welcomes dialogue and collaboration and is actively forging partnerships with other researchers in this field, including those working in other cultures. Indeed, the group already has links with senior academics and practitioners in the field worldwide networks, for instance EAPRIL and Knowledge Building International  Visual particularly welcomes approaches from teachers and educators, students and education technology designers who might like to collaborate on the further development of video supported collaborative learning or send an email.