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This MESH Guide has been developed by the ViSuAL Knowledge Alliance (ViSuAL-KA). The Alliance consisted of 6 European Higher Education Institutes and 6 Educational Technology Companies. The 12 partners in this project co-created 1) an evidence-based pedagogical model for Video-Supported Collaborative Learning and 2) a co-creating BUS-HEI-partnership model. Both outputs are described in this MESHGuide.

The ViSUAL-KA developed solution for using video in teaching practice to support students’ critical thinking, problem solving skills and design thinking (e.g. knowledge building competence. Those skills and competencies are important for navigating the increasingly turbulent, knowledge-intensive and entrepreneurial work-life. The Video Supported Collaborative Learning (VSCL) pedagogical model bridges the gap between school and practice. This is especially important for vocational education and training (VET) and teacher-educators (TE). However, also for regular education the connection between the issues in society and the learning in the school becomes more and more important, especially if we think about developing inclusive education and learning for sustainability.

The alliance is keen to establish a global community of practitioners (e.g. teachers, teacher-educators, Educational designers) students and researchers interested in encouraging video content creation, sharing and knowledge building as rising work-life competences.

So if you are interested in Video-Supported Collaborative Learning, you are welcome to visit our community at the website or become a member of one of our social media channels: LinkedInFacebook page or our public groupBlogYouTube channel; or Twitter account.