Cycles of Action and Data Collection

The teacher reflected on the first trial of using the technology to teach this topic. She was able to assess their final reports and presentations to see if they understood the topic and had gained intercultural insights into the local nuances of the environmental threats.

She also collected and analysed data from the pupil questionnaire about which aspects of the technology the children found engaging and helped their learning.

Cycle 1 

The pedagogical focus was in making the lessons more engaging for pupils through the use of an online platform, and for them to communicate and collaborate with children from another country. Thus creating an inter-cultural case study of Environmental learning led by the children.

Shima was able to use an online platform (MS teams - app and tools) on a class set of laptops, to gather and share data between the children in each country.

Cycle 2

This cycle is a repeat that builds on the strengths of what worked well in cycle 1 and what needed to be changed following the evaluation of cycle 1.