Dropout from Primary School - causes and solutions

Dr Muhammad Shahid Farooq, University of the Punjab | View as single page |
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Transferability of ideas and solutions - T4 rating

The editors give this Guide a T4 rating

Translational Research- levels used for MESHGuides

With thanks to Professor James O’Meara President International Council on Education for Teaching (www.icet4u.org):

—T1 - Local findings that translate no wider than the setting investigated

—T2 - Local findings that translate to  comparable settings in the same/similar region(s)

—T3  Local findings that translate to  a comparable setting in another international region

—T4  Local findings that translate to  a comparable settings (3 or more) in one or more international  regions

Source : May 9th 2013 Minutes MESH Chief Ed. Group See blog international ICET community www.educationcommunities.org