Dropout from Primary School - causes and solutions

Dr Muhammad Shahid Farooq, University of the Punjab | View as single page |
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Retention, happiness and prosperity

Education is acknowledged as a basic human right and acts as a significant catalyst for change in the field of human development and economic uplift of a country (World Bank, 2005) The prosperity and growth of a nation depends upon the variety of educational opportunities and choices offered to its youth. This can be the most effective lever of transformation in the fate and destiny of a nation. Young minds equipped with latest knowledge, competencies, life skills and values guarantee a bright future for the nation. (p.1 Farooq, 2011). That improving retention at the primary level iss essential to prosperity and happiness is a conclusion Hattie also reachers from his team's reviews of research: “The best predictor of health, wealth, and happiness in later life is not school achievement but the number of years in schooling…this means that the school and learning experience…must be productive, challenging, and engaging to ensure the best chance possible that students will stay in school.” p.3 Hattie, J. (2011)