British Sign Language

Interventions and Resources

Here you can find BSL-related resources for both adults and children and information about how to learn BSL.


In this section you can find information about how and where BSL is used: in the home, in schools, further education and employment.


This section looks at the history of BSL and its significance in the Deaf community. It provides information about the British Deaf Association and explains BSL as a language and why it is used.

British Sign Language (BSL)


This MESHGuide has been created to inform a range of professionals and the general public about British Sign Language.  It considers the history of signed communication as the language tool for deaf people and its use in education.  It is hoped that parents of newly diagnosed deaf childern will be informed about the use of BSL and the educational implications and outcomes, to enable them to make choices about their approach to language development and communication for their child.


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